Welcome to The Inside Out Project!

People are built for connection. We crave it and desperately need it in this generation. I want to cultivate a safe place for us to have those tough conversations. I have noticed the times I enjoy the most with people are when we have REAL talk. These are the talks where we open up about fears, doubts, things that hurt us, and probably the one we fear to talk about the most – our dreams. Things we don’t tell any joe shmo on the street because they will judge the heck out of us. However, it brings us so much closer and cultivates healing because when we go to those deep dark places we are actually saying – “I know I have been there” – “I know – I got through it, so will you” – “I know – I was afraid to go after my dreams, but don’t let fear stop you.” When we live authentically we change our communities.

So lets live a more authentic life from the inside and out.