Girl Buy Your Own Flowers!

In San Diego, California they have large farmers market in Little Italy that stretches out for like 6 blocks. It is pretty much anything that you can think of there like produce, creative work, and fresh made street foods.

I would walk in the crowds of the farmers market on those Sunday mornings and I would stop by the bouquet of flowers at a stand. They were so beautiful. When my husband at the time was there with me I would pick them up, smell them, and admire them. I would mention how beautiful they were and how they smelled good. I would smile at them and slowly put them back. Deep down I would hope he was studying me and noticed how much I adored them.

He never got them for me.

He would only buy flowers as a sign of apology instead of a sign of appreciation for me. To most people that’s probably not a big deal, I mean they are just flowers. From my perspective they were not “just” flowers. It was an opportunity to show I am still worth pursuing and I am still desirable to him.

I now have a wonderful boyfriend who does buy me flowers and cherishes me, but even if you do have someone who does that for you – give yourself permission to buy yourself flowers if you want them.

I went grocery shopping at Wegmans the other day and walked by the flower shop. It is Easter time and I did not have any new flowers on my dining room table. Instead of wishing and hoping that someone else would do it for me, I did it myself. I bought myself a bouquet of flowers!

Maybe that isn’t a big deal for some women. Good for you! I am so glad you had the confidence to do so, but for me it was a big deal. I believe what held me back was this idea that only a man is suppose to buy flowers for a girl to validate her. The only other time I would consider buying myself flowers was if someone was ill or passed away.

No – lets reject that thought. Girl – if buying flowers is a sign of appreciation for yourself, then do it! I am not saying that I don’t like it when my boyfriend buys me flowers, I absolutely do! But do not wait for someone else’s act of appreciate as a sign of validating who you are. I could have saved myself so much heart ache if I looked for validation from within myself.

So girl – buy your own flowers.

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