For Those Who Lost The Dog In The Divorce

Divorce if full of grief, even if you were the one who wanted the divorce. You are grieving over the life you had, the dreams that died, and especially over the dog. 

People who say your dog is just a dog is full of bologna. A pet is apart of your family. They have personalities and quirks just like you and I. You create fond memories with them from all the times you laughed at them, snuggled with them, and watched them grow older. When you get divorced and lose the dog, its is like you are losing that family member in addition to your spouse. I lost my dog in the divorce. 

I could of fought to have her, but I knew that she would have the best living conditions if I gave her up. She would have a house to live in, a big back yard to run around, and I knew she would be taken care of by the people there. That meant I had to give up what I wanted and let her go. 

I already lost everything. I lost my home, my husband, most of my possessions –  Keeping my dog would at least give me some kind of comfort and familiarity during my time of loss. I trained her on most of the tricks she knows. She guarded me with her life and we has a very special bond that she didn’t have with my ex. But I knew she would live a healthier doggy life with my ex. I couldn’t live with the idea of not providing the best life for her for my own selfishness. 

“The greatest sacrifice is when you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of someone else”

For those who are the ones who lost the dog, you are the bigger person. You are the one who is giving that dog the best life possible. And maybe that is not the case for you. Maybe you would be the person who would take care of them better, and for what ever reason you couldn’t win the battle to take them home. I don’t know what your situation is, but I understand the tremendous loss you are feeling. Its not fair.

I feel this huge hole in my heart. Loss is learning to live with the hole. Its not trying to replace what you lost, because you can never replace that. Maggie was our first dog together and no dog will ever be able to replace her. However you still have to get up and do life like every one else. You just learn to live with the hole you have. It feels like you are in the season of winter where things are dead and dormant. Do not forget that spring will come. There will be a time where your life is reborn and it will bloom again. Your current situation is not your final destination.

I know one day I will have another dog in my future family, but Maggie will always hold a special place in my heart. 

I know one day I will have another dog in my future family, but Maggie will always hold a special place in my heart. 

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