8 Date Night Ideas For Homebodies

I am a divorced woman and before I met my boyfriend I haven’t been on a date in 8 years or more. I would actually even take it farther to say a “real” adult date, because before that I was just out of high school. Lets just say I was nervous about getting back in the dating game. Once I met my boyfriend we did the typical dinner date (which I still enjoy because I LOVE food), but I also enjoyed the a night at home. We wanted to branch out of just watching TV so we needed to get creative on date ideas at home.

Here are some ideas for date night for homebodies:

Conversation Starters Cards

This is actually one of the first things my boyfriend and I did at home together. We wanted to get to know each other more but it’s sometimes hard to think of odd questions that you should know about each other. This is a great idea if you need a little help. The topics range from funny memories, parenting, your dreams, fears, etc. You can purchase this on amazon.

Bob Ross Painting

We spent like $30 for a little painting starter kit off of Amazon. My boyfriend and I are not painters at all! But it was a ton of fun. We just picked a Bob Ross video off of YouTube, poured a glass of wine, and off we went! We laughed at each other and how silly we felt but it was a blast. We actually have our paintings up on our walls today.


This can be fun depending on how difficult the puzzle is that you pick. We picked a pretty complex one (my boyfriend is the puzzle guy). We (as in mostly my SO) spent the whole day on a Saturday doing this. This was a date idea that really tested our relationship to see if we wouldn’t kill each other. He was definitely the persistent one. I couldn’t keep my attention on it for very long and I needed breaks. At the end we can say we both survived it. I don’t think it should take all day unless you like that kind of stuff, but that is easy enough as picking a less complex one.


I am typically the cooker in the home, but picking something that you have both never cooked together makes it a little more adventurous! We picked sushi (which is actually not as hard to make as you think). 

Step it up a notch and do a secret ingredient. We love watching chopped, master chef, and guys grocery games. Why not pick a secret ingredient yourself to make it more challenging.

Plan a trip together

You might not be in a place to go on a trip next weekend, but go ahead and start planning your dream vacation. It makes it more real once you actually start putting plans on paper. You can also create a bucket list of places you both would like to see in your lifetime.

Play a board/card game

I personally love this one because I am a very competitive person. Some of games we have collected are Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego, Battle Of The Sexes, Taboo, and Your Worst Nightmare.

Play a video game together

I am not really a gamer, so that is why I put this one on there. We play a game called Human Fall, which you need to work together to move on to the next room and your players are look like dolls that move really slow. Another good game you can play together is Overcooked, this one really tests your relationship however…. Be ready to fight if needed. (again we are very competitive people).

Movie/Show Marathon

I put this one last because my boyfriend and I typically watch TV together on a daily basis and it wasn’t something I wanted to do as a special date. However, if there is a specific show you are waiting for a premier, you could do a movie/show marathon. I used to do that with Harry Potter. We also beinged watched The Office to attend a triva night with our friends.

Whatever you decide to do, just have fun together!

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