4 Ways To Make Drinking Water Fun

I like to think of myself as a pretty health conscious person, but I have a confession to make. I let myself go over the past year. I went through some major life changes and I did not handle it well. My health was not a priority for me and I would numb my emotions with food and alcohol. I am about to face more major life changes, but I know I will need to be in the best shape in order to get through it in a more healthy manner.

Owner of the Hollis Co.and New York Times Best Seller (and my role model) Rachel Hollis suggests in her book Girl Wash Your Face that if you want to start a health/diet regiment the first thing you should do is drink more water. If the owner of a multi million dollar media company is telling us that is the first thing we should do before we implement anything else into our health regiment, then there must be some magic behind this liquid.

Over half of your body is composed of water, more like 60-70%. Water is needed to help with your bodily functions. Water maintains your digestive system, keeps your skin from being dry, helps get rid of toxins, lubricates your muscles/ joints, and even helps you control your calorie intake. Well no wonder water really is the elixir of life. Knowing all this know, why don’t we place more of an importance on staying hydrated with water? 


I think a major contributing factor to where I am today is because I drank my calories. I would get drunk multiple times a week, I lived off of coffee, and requested southern sweet teas when I dined out. It is a lot more fun to choose a sugary drink than plain water. Blah….. However, living this way left me with no energy and always searching for the next thing to get me out of bed, get past the mid day crash, and numb the night. This sounds awful as I type it.

Now that we know how important water is, how much water should you be drinking? To calculate in how many oz you should be drinking per day, you take your body weight divided by 2 and convert that to oz. For me I weigh 155 lbs / 2 = 77.5. I should be drinking 77.5 oz per day.

At first I was like WOW that’s a lot – 9 glasses of water a day. However once I started drinking at least 50oz a day, I depended on it even more. When I woke up in the morning, I NEEDED to have water first before coffee because I was so parched. It made me realize how much dehydrated I really was. 

If you are still skeptical that you could drink that much water, here are 4 ways that you can make drinking more water fun:

Use Fruits/Natural Flavor

 I like cucumber and lemon water. It makes your water taste refreshing but you have no extra added sugar. You can also use fruit, like berries or oranges. 

Drink Carbonated Water

I personally do not like carbonated water, but if you like the fiz of soda, then this would be a good option for you. You could add some fruit juice to add some flavor to it or you can buy bottles with flavor in them already. Just make sure you check the amount of sugar that is in them.

Drink Tea

Drinking tea is very beneficial for your, and it keeps you hydrated (unlike coffee which is a diuretic). If you are not used to drinking plain tea, there are plenty different types of teas that have natural flavors in them. Yogi Teahas a large variety of teas that are full of spices and herbal flavors. They also have teas that are designed for specific benefits for your health. (bed time, digestion, relaxation, detoxing, etc.)

Get Someone Else Involved

I am a very competitive person. So if I can make it a competition then that is a huge motivator for me. If you are not that type of person, let someone else know you are trying to drink more water. This could be a close family member/friend/coworker who will ask you about how your progressing in your goal. My whole office would ask each other throughout the day about how many glasses they had so far. It was nice to be in a work place were we could keep each other accountable. This tip is not necessarily how to make water taste better, but it will help you stay on track.

Live happy and be healthy!

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