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I don’t have a typical story or upbringing. I grew up in a military home so I moved around all of my life. I spent some time overseas as a child and eventually ended up in Endwell NY. After I graduated high school I went to a community college for two years, but I struggled to pick one thing to do “when I grow up”. I knew that I was constantly changing and evolving and thought it would be boring to do one thing for my whole life.

Instead of moving on to a 4 year school, I enlisted in the United States Navy and served 5 years of active duty out in San Diego, CA. I fell in love with California lifestyle and west coast living. While I was living there I met some really incredible people who opened my eyes to how my life could be. They taught me how to dream and how to have a more positive mindset. San Diego was the place I thought I would settle down and have roots, but life doesn’t always play out the way you want.

I moved back to NY after my enlistment to be close to family while I was going through my divorce. During this dark time is when I discovered how important it is to be deeply connected to others and myself. It is now my passion is to create connection and talk about the hard things to bring healing in others life like it did in mine. We should all live a life where we are not just surviving but we are thriving.

I live in Ithaca NY with my boyfriend and our cat. I still serve my country part time in the reserve and will be deploying to Africa in the summer of 2019.

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